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We have a real amateurs lovers delight for you today and she would make angels cry with her beauty. Her little flowery blouse gives you that innocent feeling but it is in sharp contrast with the texas miniskirt showing us the full length of her sexy legs. Her high heel sandals give her a couple of extra inches in height, and to all men who see her, a couple of inches in length!


The flowers on her panties are the finishing touch and you could just beg this girl to take them off immediately. No begging is required because these homemade amateurs are quick to do so anyway and she soon delivers her underwear to the floor.


Young shaved pussy is a real amateurs preference and she has got one too. But there will be no cock entering this tight twat today only some fingers and a very lucky plastic prick. As soon as she is naked she finds the dildo in her drawer and begins to play with it. It is a tight fit but her pussy starts lubricating and the situation is resolved. After playing with herself for a while, she checks out how her pussy tastes by sucking on the red dildo.

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Heidi Stone is what great amateurs should all be about. The young freckled skin and that girl next door look on our little friend Heidi give her that special quality that true amateurs lovers are looking for. Today we got her in her native Louisiana swamp setting just to see her nipples harden with the cold water under her feet.


And we scored just right, but even though her nipples are as hard as chalk and as sharp as ice picks you can still see the joy of being naked in front of people in this girl’s eyes. Isn’t she a real amateur sex pics champion! After just pushing her bra aside she concentrates on her panties but the water is cold so she doesn’t want to take them off… completely anyway.


She just teases us by pulling them down a couple of inches to uncover the plain where her forest used to be and this just makes us think about the canyon a bit more to the south. She knows that she is making our blood boil and when she turns to let us see her hind quarters we are definitely in for a treat.

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I was visiting my childhood friend Lynda at her country house after a really, really long time and when I first saw her I couldn’t believe this lovely woman that welcomed me was the same pig-tailed girl with braces I used to know so long ago.


Our friendship was strong but her beauty was beginning to affect me. I told her I wanted to take a couple of photographs of the nature around her house and she decided to show me some places she thought would make for beautiful shots.


We got out to the edge of the forest and all the time she was giving me a naughty look like she is aware of what her appearance now is doing to men’s minds and bodies. Then like a thunder from clear skies she tells me she wants to make some amateur sex pics!


Initially I am stunned but revel at the opportunity. She climbs a tree and like she wants to show me she is serious she gives me a peek under her dress where I see no panties, just a bare amateurs pussy. When she uncovers her perfect breasts I realize I discovered the perfect girl to join the ranks of amateurs on the net and that she will most certainly go pro eventually.

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Boyfriend out of town and nothing to do? That’s alright, there is always the trusty web cam for a horny young amateur to toy around with, making homemade sex videos for males around the world to drool over, and, boy, she is drool-worthy, I mean, just look at her.


This horny amateur stripped and danced around the sofa all the while making swaying motions that played with our libido. Her body was just perfect, amateur videos she makes are sure to be big hits.


Long wavy hair, round handful of tits, smooth round ass – all this just makes this amateur irresistible and her homemade porn pleasure for the eye and cock.


She is so lush, just the kind of amateur with the body people around the world would wage wars for, just to get her to make homemade amateur porn with her, with the ass from another world she proudly parades for us in these amateur sex pics. We are looking forward to getting her to make another set of amateur pics for us, we are sure we’ll enjoy them just as much.

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Camp Cutie is throwing a party for a lot of amateurs with some loud music and strange cocktails that can make these young sluts loose their panties real quick. I visited the party and when I was near the punch bowl this little princess named Presley asked me if I could fill her cup.


I informed her I could fill any and all the holes she had to offer and her naughty smile told me that this is not entirely impossible. She was begging for a little more attention before she could give up her prize so I suggested a photo shoot next to the camp gym.


She must have known who I was and she was not going to miss her opportunity to get into some amateur videos and aside from that, she was looking fantastic in her party threads. I am always unsure of what is more mini on these amateurs, their mini skirts or their mini tops.


In fact this whole girl was so tiny that I felt I could stick her on my cock and walk around with her like that without even holding her. We found a good enough spot and I took some pictures of her in her party element.

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This dangerous beauty is one of those amateurs that have not made amateur sex pics before but by her fantastically sexy appearance you can tell she is a true pro when it comes to fucking. She has got an Italian look about her, like she is a mistress of some mafia boss and if you look at her you will probably get clipped.


Fortunately for us, this is not true as she has decided to bear everything for us amateurs fans. She is in the shower pouring shower creme all over her perfect body. Her fantastically round breasts are firm and perfectly shaped and her nipples look like they are carved in stone. Her face projects a strong nature that awakens in every man the desire to conquer her. Her thick lips are just ideal for sucking whether it is your tongue or finger or cock.


The way she keeps pouring that shower creme all over her body you can see that she too would like it to be man juice and that if she wants it; she can drain the last drop of warm cum out of your penis. She is so horny from her shower that she starts to rub her perfectly trimmed little bush and make us envy her fingers for going into her precious hole.

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This hot lady was lounging around in front of web cam with nothing to do when we managed to convince her to do an amateur strip show for us. She obliged happily and stripped down for us, playing with her while doing it and having one hell of a fun doing it.


This amateur spread her long legs and played with her shaved pussy until we saw she was ready to go to next level. We made a hot amateur sex video of her toying with her wet pussy, sliding her fingers in and out moaning for us, it was just too awesome to put into words.


She fucked herself slowly, fully aware we were making an amateur video of her and that we will just have to share her amateur sex pics with the rest of the world, she was too hot for us to keep for ourselves. She played with herself and her large toy, until she came all over it, quivering in orgasm for us. This homemade amateur sure made us look carefully, and we are looking forward to seeing her again.

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Yet another jaw-dropping southern beauty has made her amateur sex pics debut, and she chose an appropriate way to arouse us for this time of year – posing as a bikini babe. Petite amateur with lush body posed for me and it was very hard to focus on taking pictures, her freckled face and long hair made her just too desirable for amateur porn to work properly with, but for now we had to forget about amateurs videos with her and just take homemade sex pics of her, but we will keep hoping she says “yes”…


She looks like a bomb and I am sure you all agree that viewing her amateur video of her fucking is a top priority for all of us. Just imagine nasty things she could do and look at that curvaceous ass and hair just right for holding on to while mounting her – this amateur would really rock your world.


So let’s just enjoy the amateur sex pics she has gifted us with and ask for more, we’re sure we can get her to do an amateur video for us.

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Today’s amateurs are not what they used to be. I remember a time when I used to see homemade amateur porn and want to turn off the computer instantly because of the fat butts and ugly faces. But now the situation has definitely changed. Amateurs today are a whole different story. The young girl that showed up for our photo shoot today may be new in porn but is most certainly a sex pro!


The instant we saw those thick voluptuous lips we know they are constantly on the lookout for a big cock to suck. The eyes on this girl are saying fuck me, immediately and we start to feel that we really should! But today is a day for amateurs posing not amateurs fucking. Too bad, because when the girl takes her top down, the boobs that spring into view are just fantastic!


She knows how to make her body look sexiest as she twists it in front of the camera while taking her shorts down also. And the pussy on this girl, someone sure made a mistake in planning! This girl should have had a cock today to fill her up, imagine what quality amateur sex pics we would have gotten!

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13 Aug 09

Amateur Camp Cutie

If you are looking for some fine homemade amateur sex pictures, Kim is as good as it gets. She was just lounging around in her bedroom and had nothing better to do, so she decided to grace us with some fine amateur sex pics, and let me tell you, it is well worth it the time spent there.


This teen poses stretched on her bed and has a sweet ass, and posing comes so easy to her. Her perky nipples jumped straight out of her bra as she stripped and you can see she has fun teasing us around with that young body of hers, not letting us touch at first, but just look, and let me tell you, just looking at this horny amateur made me want to forget working the camera and hop on top of her and show her some good times.


She is one sweet southerner teen and her young body is just ripe for some amateur fucking. This pale redhead will get you going like nothing else, and everybody knows southern gals are best for homemade amateur adventures.

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